Seat Belt Webbing Replacement

  • $ 9997

  • Seat Belt Webbing Replacement

    Custom Colors - Frayed & Dog Chewed - Classic Restoration

    Any color seat belt! Want to upgrade your seat belts? Is your seat belt in need of webbing replacement? The actual belt material? If your seat belt is ripped, cut, torn, frayed, aged or chewed by your dog? We can replace it! We do our best to match the color of your current webbing from our available stock and re-web the entire material back to the spool with fresh new webbing. All of your tags and accessories will be attached to your new seat belt. You can also choose to change the color.

    Black, gray, tan and beige. We have many shades of each. We also do custom color seat belts!

    • 24 Hour Turnaround
    • Automated Stitching
    • Exceeds FMVSS Standards
    • Dozens of Colors!

    Change Your Seat Belt Color

    Red seat belts, yellow, green, blue, orange, purple, pink & many more! If you don't see the color you want, we can most likely get it for you. Upgrade your seat belts today and drive in style. This service will upgrade any interior.

    Classic Car Seat Belt Restoration

    This service may be the perfect solution for your seat belts in a classic car or antique. With age, seat belts become stiff, dirty and not operational. Our seat belt webbing replacement service can restore your seat belts to look like new! You can either match your existing seat belt color or go with an entirely new one. Old seat belts are also hard to find and cannot be bought new. Restore your classic with our seat belt webbing replacement service today and save.

    What Is Actually Repaired?

    There is a quite a work behind the scenes about your seat belt webbing replacement. That is not just only something that can be seen -- replaced webbing with brand new OEM material. That is also disassembling process of the seat belt retractor device and its cleaning. Besides brand new seat belt webbing, you going to have the seat belt retractor to work as it is just manifactured! 

    What Is The Big Deal About Seat Belt Webbing Replacement?

    That is the one of the most important part that plays key role in your protection! The seat belt itself locks up and tights the slack, the thing that keeps you is a seat belt webbing material. The ripped, cut, teared, dog chewed areas, or perhaps, damaged by frayed or fraying and faded seat belts, puts your life in danger. Unfortunately, no indicator there is for the condition of your seat belt webbing. Maintenance by you is required in order to control that condition. While safety vehicle inspections, damaged seat belt webbing will prevent you from having passed it. All cars, no matter, what sort, should have the seat belts that works perfectly. 

    Pay for the service online and mail in your seat belts to:

    40 Main St.
    Westfield, MA 01085

    Questions? Call 855-552-7233 M-F 9-8 EST

    Text 413-454-5570

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