Chevy Cruze Seat Belt Pretensioner Repair After Accident

  • $ 9999

  • Chevy Cruze Seat Belt Repair Service

    If your Chevy Cruze has been in an accident, chances are you need our Chevy Cruze seat belt repair service! A fast and affordable solution that is much cheaper than buying a replacement seat belt at the dealer! All you have to do is remove your seat belt assembly out of your Chevrolet and mail it in for repair. If your seat belt is locked, blown, jammed, not retracting, slow, has an airbag light and code or is simply faulty, we can fix it! We work with all shops across America that buy and rebuild salvage cars. 

    100% OEM PARTS



    All Chevy Cruze seat belts from all years are compatible! The anchor pretensioner, seatbelt retractor and the assembly can be rebuilt to factory specs. We take pride in quality workmanship and bringing you unparalleled customer service on all levels.

    If there is a need for single-stage/regular seat belt repair, please CLICK HERE.

    Pay for the service online and mail in your Chevy Cruze seat belt(s) to:

    40 Main St.
    Westfield, MA 01085

    If you have any questions:

    Call (855) 552-7233 M-F 9-8 EST

    Text 413-454-5570

    Chevy Cruze seat belt repair service. This is not a product or a repair kit. You must remove and mail in your seat belt to us for repair. Compatible with all years and trims. We repair all types of seat belt retractors, pretensioners and buckles. Fix your seat belt tensioner that is stuck in a retraction position.

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