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How to reset airbag control module: Eeprom, Infineon, Mac, Nec, Renesas, SPC

Posted by Artem Martynyuk on

How to Reset Airbag Control Module Eeprom, Infineon, MAC, Nec, Renesas, SPC, Motorla & more! An SRS airbag control module is the brain to all airbag-related components in any car. This unit, also known as the ACM, SDM, controller or simply an airbag computer, is responsible for storing crash data known as hard codes. This occurs during an accident and of course your airbag light goes off. Some common airbag DTC codes are B107E, B107F, B1015, B1139, B1193, B1206, B1342, B1620, B1649, B1650, DF194. These are usually accompanied by a message such as "crash detected", "memory full", "airbag deployed", "no communications"...

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