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Driver's Ed - 3 Reasons Your Airbag Warning Light Is On

Posted by Harry Strick on

For any car owner, a key point that never ceases to resound is the importance of getting a prompt automotive repair service.  Whether it concerns a truck, sports car, SUV, sedan, luxury car, or compact crossover, it’s easy to assume that any vehicle will always have many parts and repairs to be dealt with. In particular, when it comes to broken pieces and indicators, the causes of concern that any car will experience are universal to some extent, making it crucial for drivers to know the signs they’ll run into. At this point, you’re probably familiar with different sounds and...

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Hyundai Seat Belt Repair

Posted by Artem Martynyuk on

Hyundai Seat Belt Repair-When you realize you need something as simple as your seat belt to be repaired but do not want to break the bank to get it done, Repair My SRS has got you covered! They offer quality work at only a fraction of the cost that dealerships ask for.

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How to reset airbag control module: Eeprom, Infineon, Mac, Nec, Renesas, SPC

Posted by Artem Martynyuk on

How to Reset Airbag Control Module Eeprom, Infineon, MAC, Nec, Renesas, SPC, Motorla & more! An SRS airbag control module is the brain to all airbag-related components in any car. This unit, also known as the ACM, SDM, controller or simply an airbag computer, is responsible for storing crash data known as hard codes. This occurs during an accident and of course your airbag light goes off. Some common airbag DTC codes are B107E, B107F, B1015, B1139, B1193, B1206, B1342, B1620, B1649, B1650, DF194. These are usually accompanied by a message such as "crash detected", "memory full", "airbag deployed", "no communications"...

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