Driver's Ed - 3 Reasons Your Airbag Warning Light Is On

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For any car owner, a key point that never ceases to resound is the importance of getting a prompt automotive repair service. 

Whether it concerns a truck, sports car, SUV, sedan, luxury car, or compact crossover, it’s easy to assume that any vehicle will always have many parts and repairs to be dealt with. In particular, when it comes to broken pieces and indicators, the causes of concern that any car will experience are universal to some extent, making it crucial for drivers to know the signs they’ll run into.

At this point, you’re probably familiar with different sounds and light indicators that your vehicle can eventually experience. From the dreaded “check engine light” to the amber “fuel low” indicator that pops up occasionally, each light that your car starts signaling is no small issue to overlook. 

Out of the different indicators that can pop up on your dashboard, however, your airbag warning light is most likely the one that you’re bound to be least familiar with.


Three reasons your airbag warning light is on

Admittedly, seeing an airbag warning light come on suddenly can be quite frightening because of how unfamiliar it is.

When you see the indicator come on, you’re far more likely to feel aversive to being in your car until it turns off because such issues can lead to unwanted problems like sudden deployment. However, it’s worth noting that the reasons behind the sudden light may not be as intimidating or threatening as they may seem. 

If your dashboard’s airbag warning light suddenly comes on and you’re keen on learning why it occurs in the first place, here are a few plausible explanations that suffice: 


Reason #1: Your airbag’s backup battery is depleted

You might be thinking that an airbag warning light means an accident waiting to happen, but having it come on can also allude to a less severe matter of maintenance and precaution.

Most common in cars with their batteries depleted recently, and a drained airbag backup battery often results when the part in question depletes after the primary power source drains out. Thankfully, the problem will end up correcting itself, and the light will go back off once the backup battery is charged and paired with a full sensor reset. 


Reason #2: Your airbag’s clock spring is damaged

As previously mentioned, an airbag warning light is often linked to specific kinks in the system that need to be ironed out with proper remedies––such is the case with damaged clock springs.


Entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining continuity between the electrical wiring and its driver-side airbag, the clock springs play a crucial part in vehicle safety and will cause a light to pop up if it’s broken. Seeing that airbag clock springs experience lots of wear and tear since they coil in and out along with the turn of a wheel, a proper replacement will fix the issue right away.


Reason #3: Your airbag’s sensors are faulty

The most common cause of airbag warning lights coming up prematurely lies in faulty sensors in the system.

Similar to any other sensor in your vehicle, the one linked to your airbag will notify you of any issues by turning on the associated warning light once it suspects an issue was popping up. Yet, such problems are commonly caused by faulty sensors. Thankfully, you can bring your car over to Repair My SRS’s team of experts who will have the issue sorted out so that you can drive peacefully again! 



Dealing with an airbag warning light can quickly come off as an intimidating effort because of the perceived precaution that needs to be handled with more outstanding care. Thankfully, you can avoid having such issues interfere with your pleasant driving experiences by keeping this guide in mind and letting an expert handle the problem once the opportunity to do so arises! 

Are you looking for an SRS airbag module reset service in Westfield, MA, that can handle your car's needs? Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment with our team of experts!

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