Safe Driving 101: Driving with the Airbag Warning Light On

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Many people don’t know why their vehicle airbag warning lights suddenly illuminate. Understandably, this could be confusing. It could be that your airbag is detached or if you’re unsafe when it comes accidents. Indeed, it could be many things.

The airbag in your vehicle is most likely the most critical safety element, meant to protect both you and your passengers. With that said, the light certainly signifies that there is an issue with the airbag.

If your airbag warning light is on, your airbags will not deploy in the event of a collision. This means that your airbag will not deploy in your face while driving, but this is secondary to your and your passengers' safety.

Read on to discover more about driving with the airbag warning light on.

What to Do If Your Airbag Light Comes On

First, take your vehicle to a nearby shop with a professional mechanic. Diagnostics are required to determine the origin of the airbag warning light and address the issue so that your airbags can operate again.

If the light comes on before you leave, simply call your garage. What if you're driving a long distance away from home? It is technically possible to drive without airbags, but the risk is not worth it.

Then, proceed as follows:

  1. Drive carefully.
  2. Stay alert for risks and other drivers.
  3. Stop immediately in a safe location.
  4. To recover and repair your vehicle, contact a breakdown service or a repair shop.
  5. Driving should be avoided until your airbags are fully working.

What Causes the Airbag to Light Up?

The airbag light, like other warning lights, can have several causes, such as:

The Airbag Must Be Reset

The airbag light will glow if you were in a minor collision that did not cause the airbags to deploy. A local garage will reset the airbag.

The Sensors Are Rusted

Water damage could have harmed your vehicle's sensors. This would turn on the airbag warning light.

The Battery is Drained

When the battery in your vehicle dies, the backup battery for the airbag also dies, causing a problem.

The Displaced wiring

If your car has side airbags, the passenger airbag may be faulty. Passenger seat movement may cause airbag wiring to become loose or damaged. If a plug is unplugged, reconnecting it may cause the airbag to deploy. Examine your car at a nearby garage.

The Seatbelt Failure

It could be your seat belt sensor. The seat belt sensor could malfunction. This could cause the airbag indication to illuminate.

The Spring Needs to be Replaced

The steering wheel spring keeps the wiring and airbag connected. When a worn spring fails, the airbag warning light illuminates. Previously, this was more common in automobiles.


The key to driving is to drive safely. If your airbag indicator light illuminates, you must stop driving immediately and have your car inspected by a mechanic. Airbags will not deploy until the problem is resolved. Because your safety is paramount, do not disregard your airbag light. 

Indeed, it is all about safe driving. Thus, drivers and passengers alike should be mindful of rules and policies, such as rereplacing your seatbelts or getting an airbag module reset. Simply keep this in mind!

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