2 Reasons Why Safety Belts Are So Important

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It is important to wear a seat belt at all times when driving or seated in a vehicle. By now, it is probably safe to say that this information has been honed into your brain. However, many people still choose not to wear their seat belt, or choose to wear it incorrectly. Below you can read about a few different reasons why wearing a safety belt is crucial. Perhaps this will be a wake up call if you are among those who still refuse to wear one.

To begin with, one of the biggest reasons why wearing a seat belt is crucial when in a vehicle is because it shields you from potentially being projected out of a vehicle. In an accident, passengers or drivers of a vehicle can get ejected out of the car if the hit is hard enough. The front, rear, and side windows are all potential areas passengers can be ejected through. Oftentimes, this will result in death or serous injury.

A second reason seat belts should be taken seriously is because passengers sitting in the back of a car who wear both shoulder and lap safety belts are 44% more likely to survive in a crash than those who do not. Furthermore, passengers riding in the rear seat of Vans or SUVs wearing a seat belt in such a way are 73% more likely to survive!

Along with wearing seat belts, many people do not know the importance of the SRS airbag module or of getting an SRS reset after an accident. The thing is, after a car accident, a car’s airbag module stores crash data and hard codes and an SRS reset is the only thing that can erase it. If you have been involved in an accident and need an SRS reset, get it done at the company Safety Restore today!

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