3 Different Types Of Seat Belts

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You may have been driving with the same type of seat belts all your life now. You may not even know that others even exist. I am here to tell you that they do. There are many types of belts out on the market today. Your car is probably equipped with the standard three-point belts, but other types are available, including lap belts, sashes/shoulder belts, automatic seat belts, belt-in seat (BIS), and five-point harnesses, and six-point harnesses. Below I will go into a little detail about automatic seat belts, five-point harnesses, and six-point harnesses. Each differs slightly in structure and functionality. 


The first type of seat belt I will describe is the automatic seat belt. Some cars have shoulder belts that automatically fit into their place to secure an occupant as soon as the car starts. A lap belt is built separately and does not connect automatically. It must be fastened by hand. Even though automatic seat belts were popular for a while, they are not so popular anymore, and most modern cars are equipped with regular three-point belts.


The next type of seat belt I am about to describe is the five-point harness. The thing about this seat belt is that it is safer than other types of belts, but at the same time, it restricts the occupant more. Child safety seats usually use a five-point harness and racecars or other vehicles involved in competitive racing. Some people even choose to install this type of safety component into their car to replace the regular seat belts.


Finally, there is the six-point harness. It is very similar to the five-point harness, with the exception of a different belt that is meant to go between an occupant’s legs. Six-point harnesses are most commonly seen in racecars. They became popular after the unfortunate death of the well-known racecar driver—Dale Earnhardt. At the time of his deadly crash, Dale was wearing a five-point harness.


As you can see, there are many types of seat belts. Regardless of the seat belts your vehicle is equipped with, and the main thing is that you wear one when driving. If you are looking for a seat belt replacement after the crash, you may want to consider the different types of seat belts available. However, get the seat belt replacement after crash immediately, as seat belts can be the fine line between your life and death. Turn to Safety Restore for your seat belt replacement after collision.

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