3 Types of Airbags That Could Save Your Life

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Airbags are a must-have for every vehicle. When it comes to the safety of everyone on the trip, it’s your responsibility as the car owner to ensure that your car’s safety measures are up and running, as failing to do so may result in accidents that may end up hurting you or your passengers severely.

Indeed, airbags are a lifesaver by all accounts, which is why you should know more about them to have ample knowledge about their care and maintenance. One of the essential things that you should familiarize yourself with is that there is more than one type of airbag.

What Are the Different Types of Airbags?

Various airbag variations may be present in your vehicle right now, and you just weren’t aware of it. That is understandable as their primary purpose is only realized once an accident occurs. However, be sure to keep them in mind and have them checked from time to time to ensure that they will do their job if ever you get involved in the event of a collision.

  • Frontal Airbags

  • There are two airbags on the front that aim to protect both the driver and the passenger. The driver’s frontal airbags are encased within the steering wheel, while the passenger’s frontal airbags are within the dashboard. It is advised not to let kids sit on the front seat as the force of the airbags and the collision may be too much for them to handle, causing injuries in the process.

    Frontal airbags are a standard for all cars, and it is advisable for you to ask around in terms of their quality and responsiveness in the occurrence of an accident.

  • Side Airbags (SABS)

  • Like the frontal airbags, the SABS are also two central side airbags aiming to protect the driver and the passenger. Remember that this feature is mainly installed on the driver’s side, so be sure to ask your car manufacturer if they have them installed on the passenger’s side as well. 

    You will have an option to pick a car with either a side torso airbag or a curtain airbag. Side torso airbags pop out from the doors to protect the passengers and the driver from high impact. On the other hand, curtain airbags usually pop out from the roof, yet their functionality is the same: to protect all the travelers inside the vehicle.

  • Knee Airbags

  • Most of the time, high-speed collisions yield shattered kneecap injuries because it is the focal point of the impact. If you want to protect both the kneecaps of the driver and the front-seat passenger, then this airbag variant would be a great choice. It is mainly situated below the steering wheel and the passenger’s dashboard side.


    By knowing these different airbag types, you will determine just how well-protected your vehicle actually is. You will also be able to communicate with the auto shop about checking its good working condition. By maintaining it and optimizing its functionality as a method of precaution, you will be able to save both the driver and the passenger from fatal injuries.

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