5 Reasons You Must Not Drive With Impaired Seat Belts

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Did you know that a small action like wearing seat belts can protect drivers and passengers and save their lives? Yes, these devices are deemed to be the most important safety mechanisms for modern vehicles. In fact, seat belts have saved lives by 90.7 percent back in 2019 and an estimated 14,955 lives back in 2017. That’s according to a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)!

Now, if you notice that you have damaged seat belts before hitting the road, this can be problematic for a handful of reasons. Here are five reasons you must not drive with impaired seat belts:

1. Faulty connections

With an impaired seat belt, you can expect to have a weak connection between the belt and buckle. When a sudden collision occurs, the buckle might get released, leaving your belt completely useless. As a result, you’ll end up sustaining an injury due to the lack of restraint. If you have a faulty buckle system, be sure to have it fixed as soon as possible to not risk your life just because of a seat belt with a faulty connection.

2. Failed pretensioners

The pretensioners are among the vital safety features in a vehicle as they serve to lock up your seat belt in case of a collision. But with extremely slacked pretensioners, you may end up with a serious injury in the event of a car crash. As their main purpose is to keep your seat belts tight after sudden intense pressure, you must make sure that they are working properly. Otherwise, you should have them serviced or replaced with new ones!

3. Worn out webbing

For the uninitiated, the webbing is the fabric belt of your seat belt. Typically made of durable materials, this belt can resist a harsh collision and prevent you from bouncing off your seat and into the front windshield. However, this fabric isn’t designed to last forever, as it is subject to wear and tear. If you see signs of tears, cuts, or even thinning, be sure to have it replaced with a newer and more durable one for your own safety and protection.

4. Legal implications

In most states, it is required by law for drivers to wear their seat belts. On top of this is to ensure that these safety mechanisms are in top shape and working condition so that they can fulfill their purpose of protecting you and fostering the utmost safety on the road. If you’re caught hitting the road without a seat belt, or if police officers find that you’re wearing a damaged belt, you may be penalized.

5. Safety risks

Wearing working seat belts all boils down to safety! This is why it doesn’t make sense to wear belts if they are already impaired. If you think your seat belts are already damaged, be sure to have them repaired or even replaced with new ones so that your safety is not compromised. At Repair My SRS, we value life and take road safety seriously. If you need seat belt repairs, we are the ones you should call!


Safety on the road is and should always be your top priority. This is why both drivers and passengers must observe safety protocols at all times, and this all boils down to simple habits like wearing seat belts. Most importantly, you have to ensure that they aren’t broken, so they can function well when you need them the most. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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