5 Common Reasons Why Your Airbag Light Keeps Turning On

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One of the most common automobile repair services is airbag repair. An airbag light that’s on may indicate problems that cause it not to work properly (e.g., the airbag will not deploy when you need it). A faulty sensor or a defective airbag could cause an airbag light to turn on or lead to a deeper issue. Sensors may issue a code or warning light for several reasons.

The role of these devices is to protect you during a severe collision. If you get into a car accident and the airbag fails to deploy, you are at a big risk of suffering from injuries. There may be times when you notice the airbag information service light is on, yet you ignore it. However, the light is there for a good reason.

In this article, we will talk about possible causes that will lead the airbag information service light to turn on.

You Have a Seat Belt Problem

If your airbag light is on, you should check your seat belt first. If the belt is not fastened, the car will automatically turn on the seatbelt light as a warning.

There are cases when the seat belt is not buckled properly. It could pull the sensor out of place, causing the light to come on.

Your Airbag Deactivated

The disconnection of the airbag also causes an airbag light to turn on. This may happen due to improper connection, old electrical wire, or corroded wire.

If you notice the connections on the sensor are filled with rust, you should unplug the sensor and check the connections. This will eliminate the possibility of the electrical wires breaking.

There Is Water Damage

Water damage is caused by excessive moisture that flows into the sensor. In this case, the sensors are meant to keep moisture away, but there have been reported cases where the water can enter the sensors.

Extreme moisture, especially in a short time, can cause damage to the sensors. If you leave the lights on overnight or drive through a flooded road, this may cause the warning light to turn on in your car. 

You Encountered a Minor Accident

A warning due to a minor accident is triggered when the airbag sensor breaks during a car accident. If you are involved in a wreck, it is important to call a professional to handle the situation.

You can easily fix the problem yourself, but it is recommended to call a professional for help to prevent making your situation worse than it is.

An Airbag Reset Is Required

If your airbag light turns on, there are times when you will notice the airbag reset required message. It could be a result of a failed inspection, and you will be required to turn off the airbag.

You will need to contact the dealer and inform them of the situation and ask them to assist you with the problem. It is not recommended that you attempt to handle the problem yourself because there are risks involved in the process.


The airbag light on is more than an annoyance. When it is in your car, it is a warning you should take seriously. It tells you that you need to look into the problem to prevent anything happening to you and your passengers. You should not ignore the warning and contact a professional to check the sensors.

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