What Could Happen If Your Airbags Don't Deploy?

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Your car is equipped with different safety features like brake assist, automatic emergency braking, blind-spot mirrors, adaptive cruise control, and seatbelts, among others. But while all those are important, you cannot deny that airbags are among your vehicle's most critical safety features. 

In case of a collision, the airbags will protect you from making sudden and impactful contact with the car's windows, doors, steering wheel, and dashboard. 

In this post, your reliable SRS module repair expert is going to take a closer look at how airbags work - how they protect drivers and passengers and what's going to happen if they fail to deploy upon collision:

How Airbags Work

Airbags are strategically placed inside the cabin of a vehicle. They are made of strong nylon. In case of a collision, the airbag will fill the space between the occupant and the interior surface of the vehicle. This action will cushion the occupant's body in the event of an impact.

There is a sensor that detects a collision. It is called a crash sensor. The crash sensor is usually connected to the SRS module. The SRS module is responsible for sending the impact signal to the airbag. The airbag will then begin to inflate inside the cabin of the vehicle.

There are two airbags inside the car – the driver's and the passenger's. The driver's airbag is usually positioned on the steering wheel, while the passenger's is generally placed on the dashboard.

These airbags also deploy at a speed of 200 MPH or 320 KPH. They are filled with nitrogen gas. When filled, they are usually compressed to the point that they are half their original size.

So if you think that these airbags are like balloons filled with some sort of fluid or liquid, you're mistaken. These airbags are incredibly sturdy.

What Happens When Airbags Don't Deploy

Your car is equipped with airbags to protect you and your passengers in case of a collision. It can be very dangerous if you're involved in a crash, and the airbags are not deployed.

If the airbags aren't deployed in a collision, the steering wheel, dashboard, and center console will hit the occupant's body during impact. This is going to cause a lot of bruising and even abrasions. If the occupant is a child, there is also a possibility of their hands and feet getting caught in the space between the seat and the dashboard.

The airbags are made of strong materials, and they can even break bones if the occupant's body is rushed against them. That's also one of the reasons you should buckle in.

So if you are involved in a collision and the airbags deployed properly, you're going to be in much better shape than if the airbags didn't work.

Why Do Airbags Fail to Deploy or Deploy Late?

The most common reason airbags fail to deploy or deploy late is poor maintenance. A vehicle owner who does not perform regular maintenance and repairs on their car will experience problems with the airbags. The sensor will not be able to detect a collision if it is not working correctly. The SRS module will not send the impact signal to the airbag if it is not in good working condition.

Another problem is when the airbag module has a short in its wiring. A short means that one of the wires in the airbag is not properly insulated. This will prevent the sensor from sending the impact signal to the SRS module.

A similar problem is when a wire is pinched by a sharp object. When a collision occurs and the airbag does not deploy properly, the chances are that it was due to a wiring or sensor problem.

How to Prevent Airbag Problems in the Future

The best way to prevent airbag issues in your vehicle is to inspect it regularly. You can take it to your mechanic or let their technicians do it. A thorough inspection of your car's airbags will prevent the wires and sensors from developing issues in the future.

If the airbags are properly maintained, they will work when there is a collision. This is the goal of the airbags. They are there to protect you and your passengers. So if your airbags are not taking care of you, it is time to get them professionally checked.


Airbags are designed to keep you and your passengers safe in an emergency. But they are not magic. They can only work correctly if they are maintained. So keep your car regularly checked. Get SRS repair services when needed. You and your passengers will thank you for it.

Repair My SRS is an expert in SRS module repair and replacement in Westfield, MA. Contact us today if you have any concerns about your airbags!

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