BMW Seat Belt Repair

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All the components of the Supplemental Restraint System needs to be examined after the BMW has been in an accident. This is because the SRS helps protect the driver as well as any passengers inside the vehicle. This system consists of the seatbelts, airbags, SRS indicator light and impact sensors. The seatbelts are the first line of defense when the BMW is in an accident, airbags being the second line of defense. Since seat belts are an important part of the system that help keep you safe in the event of an accident, it is good to know how seat belt mechanism works and if you may be in need of BMW Seat Belt Repair. Here is a quick breakdown.

The seat belt webbing is connected to a retractor. This retractor has a spool that is attached to one end. It has a spring inside the retractor that applies torque to the spool, causing it to rotate and tighten the webbing. The retractor, triggered by the vehicles movement, can stop the rotation of the spool using a locking mechanism. The spool locks when the vehicle decelerates rapidly like when a collision occurs or when a seat belt is jerked.

In some newer seat belt systems, a pretensioner works together with the conventional seat belt system to tighten the seat belt.  Rather than simply stopping the seat belt from extending further, a pretensioner tightens any slack that may exist. The gas in the pretensioner flares when an accident occurs causing the pressure to build up. This in turn rotates the retractor, putting the occupant securely into their seat helping minimize further damage. However, this may cause the seat belt webbing to stretch to the point where it would need to get replaced.

All the mechanisms of your Supplemental Restraint System should be working and in good condition, including the seat belts. If your seat belts in your BMW have stretched, gotten worn, frayed or even chewed by a dog, get BMWs Seat Belts Repair service. You want to be fully protected if you are ever in an accident. RepairMySRS is a company that offers many services including seat belt webbing replacement, seat belt repair, airbag module reset, and more. They repair with 100% OEM parts and have a lifetime warranty. When on the road, keep everyone safe in your BMW. Visit for more information on their services.


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