Used Airbag Module: Can I Reuse One for My Vehicle?

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When dealing with vehicle repairs, choosing the right parts is crucial to ensure your safety. That's why it's vital that you get credible airbag and SRS repair services to ensure that you can safely drive your vehicle back on the road.

While getting a used airbag module is much cheaper than purchasing a new one, you need to remember that used modules will need to be reprogrammed. This means that when you install a different module inside your vehicle—whether it's used or unused—you'll need to program your VIN, which a professional or dealer will need to perform. 

If you're curious to know more about using used airbag modules for your car, keep reading. In this article, we'll give you more information about used airbag modules and if you can install one in your car. 

What is the Airbag Control Module?

An SRS airbag module is known as the airbag electronic crash unit, which controls the airbag's deployment, keeps crash date, and exchanges information with your car engine. Seeing that it has a hefty responsibility, if your airbag doesn't deploy during an accident or if it's on, you'll need to have your SRS airbag control module reset or get SRS repair services.

Do I Need to Program My New Airbag Module?

When you obtain a new control module, in most cases, you will need to perform additional programming and integrate codes to the car that will include the VIN and configuration. This is usually why the airbag light is one, which means that the clockspring and under-seat wiring need fixing. 

Are Airbag Modules VIN Specific?

You need to send in your original airbag module because each module is coded for the VIN for each vehicle. With that being said, yes, airbag modules are VIN specific, and if you don't put this into consideration, your airbag may not work. 

Can I Reset My Airbag?

Fortunately, all airbag control modules can be reprogrammed and reset. But if your airbag modules were damaged by fire, flood, or other accidents that may have impacted your hardware, you'll need to replace it altogether. 

How Much Should My Budget Be if I Want to Reprogram an Airbag Module?

You should know that the average cost of an airbag control module replacement can come between $680 to $715 for most cars in various locations. The labor alone can fall between $103 and $130, while the parts may be expensive, costing about $582.

The Bottom Line: So, Can I Reuse a Used Airbag Module?

If you're thinking of using a used airbag module for your vehicle, it's best to take your car to an SRS repair service to ensure that your vehicle can handle this component. Besides that, they'll need to reprogram and reset the module to ensure it works properly with your vehicle.

Seeing as it can be quite complicated to work with, it's best to understand that the airbag module should match your car's VIN to ensure your safety on the road. This will ensure that your airbag will deploy at the right time and when it's needed.

How Can We Help You?

If you're looking for reputable SRS repair services, RepariMySRS is here to help. 

We are an accident restoration company specializing in resetting SRS airbag modules and seat belt repairs on retractors, tensioners, and buckles. Not to mention, we guarantee a 24-hour turnaround, ensuring that you're back on the road safely. 

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