Common Questions About Airbag Module Reset, Answered!

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Airbags, as time goes on, may need to be replaced. Vehicle owners should also consider resetting faulty airbag modules to make sure their airbags will function properly. If you're interested to know more about airbags, the answers to the following FAQs can be a big help.

1. My car's airbag light is on, is there any problem?

When your vehicle detects that something is wrong with your airbag module, it automatically disables the airbags, and the light will start flashing or remain on. This may indicate an issue with the airbag, computer, wiring, or airbag sensors. If the airbags are already deployed, the airbag module needs to be reset first before it can work properly again.

Remember that your airbags will not deploy as long as the airbag light is on; therefore, it is critical to get your car checked right away to know why the airbag light is on. A professional technician can quickly locate the problem and give the right solution.

2. How do I reset my airbag module correctly? 

 When the secondary restraint system (SRS) is disabled, you must reset your airbag module before the light turns off. This will indicate that the airbags are still working correctly. You may need a scanner tool to find out the issue causing the malfunctioning of the airbag system. This will also clear any hard data and crash code from the airbag computer system. Once the airbag module is reinstalled and repaired, the light will turn off, indicating that the issue has been solved.

3. I've reset my airbag module, but why is the light still on?

Resetting your airbag module deletes error codes from the computer system. However, if the airbag light is still on even after the reset, your vehicle is still sensing a problem from the airbag module. If that's the case, you should ask for assistance from an auto technician. He will repair the damage so your SRS system can function properly again.

4. What do I need to replace after airbags are deployed?

When your airbags have been deployed during an accident, the airbags must be replaced, and the airbag control module should be reprogrammed. In case impact sensors or the clockspring are damaged or melted, they should also be replaced so that the airbag module will reset and start working fine again. A licensed auto technician should replace these items to make sure that it is done with proper care and utmost safety.

5. How do I disconnect the airbag control module?

Remember to disconnect the car's battery before disconnecting the airbag control unit. If the battery is not unplugged, this may trigger airbags to deploy, and unfortunately, may cause further damage. Once the positive battery cable has been unplugged, wait for three minutes before disconnecting the airbag control module. You can safely remove and reset the module once the SRS system is removed from the harness wiring plugs.

6. Why did my airbags not deploy during an accident? 

When the airbag light turns off after starting your vehicle, the airbags should be working correctly. Keep in mind that airbags do not deploy in every accident. This is because the impact sensors and the airbag module work together to determine which accidents will cause the airbag deployment. Your vehicle takes accident direction, speed, and occupancy sensors when it is involved in an accident. 

If the vehicle has not reached a particular speed, typically between 8-14 mph, the airbags will not deploy to prevent injuries. Also, if the passenger seat did not detect the adult weight, the airbags will not deploy as well. Your airbags also detect the direction of the crash with the help of their impact sensors. When your car is being hit from the side, the side airbags may deploy, but the frontal airbags may remain intact.


We all desire our vehicles to be in their best condition. However, there are some instances that some of their parts may not function properly. Your airbags, for example, may already be giving some warnings that they need to be replaced or the modules need to be reset. Getting informed about the most frequently asked questions with your airbags can help you prevent further damage and keep you safe during accidents.

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