Does My Airbag Require Maintenance?

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Many people are curious about the maintenance requirements of their airbags. Some are even worried about it. Perhaps they’re thinking if all the other parts of their car are getting regular maintenance, why shouldn’t your airbag? This is a valid question, mainly because airbags are a safety feature, and if they turn out to be faulty, there could be severe repercussions should an accident happen. 

In this post, Repair My SRS, experts in SRS airbag module reset services talks about whether or not airbags need maintenance and what you should know about it: 

How Do Airbags Work?

Your vehicle has several sensors embedded in different parts of the car, including the bumpers, which are then connected to the airbag inflator. When enough force goes against those sensors, a signal is sent to the inflator, and it does its job. Most of the time, sodium azide mixes with potassium nitrate to make nitrogen gas. This fills the airbag. 

The bag itself is made of a nylon fabric that is folded up to a compact size. Its cover is designed to tear easily should the bag inflate. That’s how the bags can pop out instantaneously during a collision. 

Do Airbags Need Replacement?

It depends on the vehicle. Some manuals indicate that a replacement is necessary after a certain period, while others don’t. There are also some that recommend getting the airbags inspected. What that means is that you should check your car’s manual to see what the manufacturer recommends. Also, keep in mind that older models had written the manuals at a time when very little was known about airbags and how they would age. 

Some airbags last as long as the cars they are installed in. It is usually enough to do airbag maintenance, but there are others that require replacement. If your vehicle is more than ten years old, it is a good idea to get your airbags checked by a professional. The last thing you want is to find out that your airbag is not working during a crash when you need it. Remember that airbags are there to save your life, so you want to make sure that they’re working as they should. 

If you have any doubts, it’s best to get an inspection done. A pro will be able to determine whether or not you only need maintenance or a replacement. 

Cost of Airbag Replacement

The cost of airbag replacement depends on the make and model of your vehicle. While they can be expensive, that’s not always the case. There are OEM bags that you can opt for, which are so much better than aftermarket bags. While OEM parts are more expensive, you won’t have to worry about the quality of the bag that you are getting. 

Should You Get a Replacement or a Maintenance Service?

Almost all vehicles have a built-in diagnostic system for their airbags. If you notice an SRS light on, it means that the airbag system is faulty for some reason and airbag maintenance needs to be done. It is likely that an SRS airbag module reset is necessary. A pro mechanic will be able to tell the difference between one that needs a replacement and one that only requires a reset.


Ultimately, it’s a good idea to have airbag maintenance done. This will ensure that your system is still in excellent condition, and your safety won’t be at risk due to a faulty airbag. If the mechanic finds that you need an SRS airbag module reset, it can be done before the system causes any trouble in the future. If the mechanic deems you need to replace your airbags, then make sure that you do as soon as possible

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