Driving In A Respectful And Responsible Manner

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You have probably heard many times that you should drive both respectfully and responsibly on the road. But have you taken the time to think about what driving respectfully and responsibly even is? Let me give you a little refresher below.


There are many things—small and big—that you can do to practice driving responsibly and respectfully. One way is to operate using a safe following distance. Even though this may sound trivial, you’d be surprised at how often people drive too close to other vehicles! The statistics aren’t great, which is a problem because a safe following distance while driving may possibly be the best defense you can have for bad driving conditions on the road! If you strive for at least a three-second distance from the car ahead of you, you will be great. Anything less than three seconds can lead to dangerous circumstances both for you and the vehicle ahead of you.


Another way to be respectful and responsible while operating a vehicle is to always practice safe passing. A few ways to practice safe passing would be to alert the cars around you by turning on your directional signal, wait for the appropriate time to pass, and avoid driving over the posted speed limit while switching lanes. You may find that you need to increase your speed while giving, but it should never exceed the maximum speed limit allowed in that area. 


To drive in a respectful and responsible way, you should also avoid distracted driving, use your directional signal every time you turn, yield to other drivers, and watch your speed.


While taking care to drive respectfully and responsibly, you should also make sure that your car is well maintained. Driving a vehicle with faulty parts can prove dangerous not only for you but vehicles around you. If you have something even as simple as a seat belt stuck, or you have something stuck in the seat belt buckle—get it fixed immediately! Don’t hesitate to contact repairs on something like a seat belt stuck that won’t even take a lot of time or money! You can turn to the company Safety Restore so that you will no longer have your seat belt stuck.

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