Fix Locked or Jammed Seat Belt after Accident

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The seat belt is the first line of defense in keeping you safe in the event of an accident. If, for some reason, your seat belt is not working, you may want to take a moment to look at it to determine if it needs to be replaced or repaired. If you like to do things yourself, you may want to tackle the seat belt repair yourself. Here is how to fix a seat belt retractor or a jammed seat belt. However, safety first, so make sure to have a seat belt cutter on hand for a quick escape from danger in the event something goes wrong.


A seat belt can get jammed as a result of many things. There are two more common reasons to look for. The first is when dirt and grime are on the seat belt's webbing, causing the belt to retract slower than norma. The second is when the seat belt retractor is locked.


If the issue is with the dirt and grime, you would need to clean the webbing thoroughly. First, retract your seat belt until there is no more slack. After that, take a clamp and place it near the retractor (where it feeds out of the webbing). This helps ensure that the seat belt does not retract back into the mechanism as you are cleaning the webbing. Next, spray on a cleaner such as a carpet or fabric cleaner or even hot water or laundry detergent. Brush in the cleanser until there is no more dirt or grime left on the webbing. If necessary, soak the webbing in a bucket of soapy water to help loosen any of the dirt or grime. Once the webbing is clean, dry the webbing for a good amount of time, making sure it is fully dry before retracting the seat belt back into the mechanism.


Here is how to fix the locked seat belt after the accident. First, pull the webbing out of the seat belt completely and then give it a yank to undo the locked belt. If this does not work for you, take the retractor out of the vehicle. Then, using a screwdriver, you can manually spin the spool. This slowly retracts the seat belt webbing back into the mechanism. If all else fails or if you feel like you don't want to take on this task yourself, you will need a professional seat belt repair service to help you, like RepairMySRS.

RepairMySRS is a post-accident restoration company offering several services. They can fix locked seat belts after an accident, along with getting your module reset, custom seat belt webbing, and more. Using 100% OEM parts, and offer a lifetime guarantee on all their services. With a 24 hour turnaround time and thousands of happy customers, you can rely on them to get you back on the road safely. Visit to get started.

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