Ford Seat Belt Repair After Accident

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We drive on the daily and many of us get into accidents. When an accident occurs, the vehicles Supplemental Restraint System is meant to keep us safe. However, it can only do its job if it is in good working condition.

When it comes to car safety there are two things most people think of: airbags and seat belts. Seat belts work consistently to protect you, while airbags are deployed only when absolutely necessary. If the force of an accident is strong enough, the airbag module determines that the airbags need to deploy. This helps minimize the damage an individual receives in the event of an accident. The airbags do not always deploy during an accident, and that is okay, as long as it was because the module decided it was necessary and not that the airbags do not work.

The seat belt, however, is the first line of defense. It is responsible for locking and reeling in any slack that may exist, putting the individual firmly into their seat. The seat belt is only as strong as your webbing material. Many things can happen to the seat belt that can hinder its work performance. For example, if the force of the accident is strong enough, the webbing can stretch which can cause the individual hitting whatever is in front of them. If your seat belt has stretched, you would need to get Ford seat belt repair after accident. Seat belts can also get worn, frayed, or chewed by a dog. Make sure your Fords SRS components are all in working condition, so they can protect you properly whenever you are on the road. Leave it to the professionals to make sure it is done safely and correctly.

RepairMySRS is a post accident restoration company that can help get your seat belts back to factory conditions. They offer several services such as seat belt pretensioner repair, SRS airbag module reset, and Ford Seat Belt Repair After Accident. The great thing about RepairMySRS is that you don’t have to buy a new seat belt! For only $74.99 they can take your current seat belt and re-web it to its factory condition. They even clean out the assembly mechanism for you so its in like new condition. If a replacement is necessary, RepairMySRS also does a color match on black, grey, and tan seat belts. The professional automated sewing machine guarantees clean beautiful stitching. On top of that, if you decide on a new color, they have dozens to choose from for the same low price.

The process of getting your new seat belt webbing is simple, affordable, and convenient. Visit to learn more.

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