Has Your Airbag Module Deployed After A Crash?

Posted by Artem Martynyuk on

Is your SRS airbag module deployed? Not only is this issue annoying, but it also is quite dangerous. You see, the airbag module is what controls the entire airbag system, including the seat belts, impact sensors, and the airbags themselves. After a car has been involved in an accident and the airbag module has stored crash data and hard codes, the airbags are basically rendered useless. Of course, that can greatly increase the likelihood of serious injury or even death if the occupants of the vehicle are involved in another crash. The airbags—which are meant to cushion the force of an impact—would not inflate, so the occupants of the vehicle could really face some serious harm. That is, until the airbag module is replaced or repaired. Some people choose to go to a dealer to get a brand new unit, but that only means a steep airbag module cost. The wiser decision would be to have the unit repaired. It may sound sketchy, but if you have a SRS airbag module deployed and you reset the unit, you really aren’t compromising your safety whatsoever. If you turn to the right company like Safety Restore, the skilled engineers can wipe out all the crash data and bring the unit back to factory settings. The company operates with 100% quality and safety in mind, so you don’t have to be worried about this practice being dangerous. At Safety Restore, the engineers only use industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts in the repair process. Furthermore, the prices there are reasonable and the repairs are done in a timely manner. If your seat belts deployed in the same accident that filled up your airbag module, Safety Restore can help with that too. Not only does the company reset airbag modules, but it also repairs single stage, dual stage, and triple stage seat belts, as well as perform seat belt pre-tensioner repair, seat belt retractor repair, and seat belt webbing replacement. Basically, the company takes care of the two key safety components in a vehicle—the seat belts and the airbag system. If you have any seat belt or airbag module repair needs, simply log onto and select the service you are interested in.

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