How to Fix Locked Seat Belts After Accident

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If you are stuck with locked seat belts that cost an arm and a leg to buy new from the dealer, you are not alone! Thousands of individuals worldwide own cars that have been in some sort of collision or crash (major or minor) which resulted in the seat belts being locked. So now looking how to fix locked seat belts after accident is the only answer needed. Seat belts are designed to lock during an accident to prevent the occupant from any airbag injuries. The fault within this design is that the seat belt will no longer work after this. Why? Well each seat belt is equipped with 1 gas charge that is in a form of a bullet that can only be fired once. Once fired the seat belt will lock mechanically and many parts will be destroyed in the process. It is not a simple fix! There is no simple solution. The gas charge will need to be replaced, the sensor responsible for activating the gas charge will need to be replaced, the mechanism will need to be rebuild, the spring will need to be replaced and many more parts will need to be repaired or replaced. RepairMySRS offers an affordable solution on how to fix a locked seat belts after accident.

You will need to fix a locked seat belt if your airbag light is one! If your seat belt retractor is rattling, not retracting, retracting slowly or is simply giving you problems.

The way our service works, is easy! You will need to remove your locked seat belt and then mail it in to us for repair. Here are the steps:

  1. Remove the locked seat belts out of your vehicle.
  2. Pay for the repair service online here:
  3. Mail in your seat belts to:

    40 Main St.
    Westfield, MA 01085

    Questions? Call (855) 552-7233

We work with all makes and models and all years from 1996 and up!


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