How to Fix Seat Belts That Don’t Pull Out: Our Guide

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Wearing your seat belt before driving or riding your vehicle is vital to your safety and wellbeing. It can even save your life. It’s also required by law, and there are different regulations for children’s seats. Unfortunately, you may run into some problems, like when you suddenly can’t pull out the safety belt. This issue leaves you and others vulnerable, and you should get it fixed before your next drive.

This article will discuss why your seat belt doesn’t retract properly. We will also look into the retractor repairing process to help you get a better idea of what needs to be addressed. Take this as an opportunity to ensure your vehicle has the safety features necessary so you can use it properly. This way, you can look after everyone’s health and safety. 

What is the Main Reason Why My Seat Belt is Stuck? 

Consider the following causes why the seat belt retractor is not functioning properly: 

Dirt and other contaminants stuck inside 

Your seat belts need to be cleaned, just like the other vulnerable components of your vehicle’s interior. If you don’t, they can accumulate dust, dirt, and other kinds of grime inside the retractor. You can avoid this from happening if you wipe the belt’s webbing with a rug and fabric cleaner. You can also use some hot water with detergent to wash off hard-to-remove contaminants. 

Outdated parts 

Safety belts and their retractors can often last for up to eight years, depending on your car’s quality. It can also last longer than usual if you replace all the worn-out parts. Fortunately, you can easily check and update them if you refer to the warranty information or contact your vehicle’s manufacturer. 

Tangled and damaged components

If you either misuse your seat belt or it was worn during a collision, you can expect the main belt to get knotted and overstretched. You often have to remove all the broken parts and substitute them with new ones. It’s best to have them checked out by car service professionals to fix locked seat belts after accidents.

How Can I Fix the Seat Belt Retractor?

Since most of the problems with non-retracting seat belts are faulty components, you should know how to fix a car seat belt retractor. First, you will need a new retractor, adjustable pliers, and screwdriver. You must then remove the covers from the shoulder mount and damaged retractor by taking out the screws with your screwdriver. You also have to place the pliers on the mounting bolt and move it counterclockwise to pull the adjuster cover. 

You can then feed your replacement retractor with the seat belt, but you may also have to replace the belt, so keep an eye out for damages. To hold everything in place, put back all the covers and screws in their original places. You can also contact service professionals for further assistance. 


As a responsible driver or passenger, buckling up for safety should be one of your main priorities. Now, you have a better understanding of what you can do to address issues with your seat belt’s retraction mechanism. You just need to adhere to the maintenance guidelines and seek professional services to keep its safety features in check. Get your seat belt fixed today!

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