Looking For A Seat Belt Fix For Dealers?

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If you are looking for a seat belt fix for dealers, Safety Restore will have you covered!

Safety Restore is a small family-owned company that has been in the business of repairing single stage, dual stage, and triple stage seat belts, resetting SRS airbag modules, repairing instrument clusters, and performing seat belt webbing replacement for years now. Because it only specializes in these four services, it has been able to perfect each one “to a T”.

There are several reasons why you should choose Safety Restore when looking for a seat belt fix for dealers. First, its prices are incomparable. Seat belt repair prices cost only between $64.99 and $114.99—which is hundreds of dollars cheaper than the dealer! Also, other seat belt companies can’t even manage the difficult dual stage and triple-stage seat belts, but Safety Restore can! An added bonus to every service purchased at Safety Restore is a lifetime warranty guarantee. If any problem were to arise in the future with their unit (which is highly unlikely) customers can have peace of mind, knowing they can send it back in for rework at no additional cost.

Besides prices, Safety Restore also has a fast turnaround time going for it. It is rare to see companies as diligent as Safety Restore. It takes the company only 24 hours to complete all repairs—and that stands for all orders, regardless how difficult or large they are! This is one of the best reasons why you should choose Safety Restore when looking for a seat belt fix for dealers!

Above all else, you can also expect quality services at this seat belt repair shop. Safety Restore really does emphasize quality in each and every component of its business. Only well-trained engineers are employed at Safety Restore and all the repairs are done using 100% OEM parts and industry standard tools. Safety Restore doesn’t just do the bare minimum like other companies do. Safety Restore always carefully meets FMVSS standards and is a BBB accredited company. Log onto and see for yourself all the positive reviews the company has amassed!

If you are interested in a service, prepay for it, and send your package out to the company in Westfield, MA. Safety Restore works with all makes and models of vehicles and welcomes customers throughout the nation!

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