Reasons Your Airbag Module Shows No Communication Problem

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If your car’s SRS light has been on for a few days, one of the possible diagnoses could be an improperly communicating airbag control module. While you can still drive your car even without an airbag module, it is not safe. When the airbag system is not working correctly, it might not provide the protection it promises. If you get into an accident, the airbag might not deploy. Should this happen, the driver and passengers might face serious sequences.

Often, a client might go for an SRS airbag module reset service because of this. It is the safest way to correct the situation. The tricky part is that there are many potential causes of this problem, and knowing what they are could help you identify your next steps. If you understand how these things work, you could prevent unnecessary expenses and even save your life.

Here are the most common causes for an airbag module reset and what you can do to address them yourself.

Reason 1: Damaged Communication Pins

When the communication pin is loose or damaged, it will not perform its function. Make sure that your communication pins are perfectly in place. They can be pushed back, bent, or broken, and they could also be damaged or rust. Perform an inspection and make sure they are clean and working correctly.

Reason 2: The Airbag Module Is Not Properly Installed

Sometimes communication errors occur because of an improperly installed airbag module. Make sure that it is properly grounded. It is one of the most common problems experienced, and all you need to do is to have it reinstalled. 

Reason 3: The Scanner Is Not Working Properly

You might also confuse inaccuracy in the scanner for errors in the airbag module. Before you rush to your trusted professionals, consider checking if the scanner is functioning correctly. Your scanner should be compatible with your vehicle make and model. If it is, it should be able to read the car’s engine codes. 

If it is still not working, that means you have a problem with your scanner, and you would need to replace it with a compatible scanner. 

Reason 4: You Have a Damaged Wiring Around the Airbag Control Module

The wires of the airbag control module can be sensitive too. Make sure that they are not damaged or cut anywhere. If you do not know what you are looking for, check the surrounding wires or harnesses in the SRS airbag module, and that could determine the reason behind your miscommunicating module.


If you think that none of the four mentioned reasons are the cause of your airbag module problems, then there must be a severe problem with your airbag module. The best possible solution you have is to get your car to your nearest accident restoration service and have it checked.

RepairMySRS is a certified OEM accident restoration company specializing in SRS airbag modules reset and seat belt repairs on retractors, tensioners, and buckles at a competitive price. We also provide 24-hour turnaround service nationwide. If you need your SRS airbag module reset or seat belts repaired, check the service online and send in your parts to our MA location. 

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