Seat Belt Repair

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 After every auto collision, all of the components of your vehicle’s supplemental restraint system (also known as the SRS) need to be examined to make sure that they are all working and to determine what needs to be repaired, reset, or replaced. This system protects the driver and passenger(s) in case of any collision or accident. The SRS consists of the seatbelts, airbags, the SRS Indicator light, as well as the impact sensors.

When most people think of auto accident safety, airbags are probably one of the first thing that comes to mind. However; airbags are actually the supplemental restraints because the seatbelts are the first line of defense. For this reason, the driver, along with all their passengers should always use a seatbelt when driving.

Seat belts protect the driver and passengers in major or minor accidents. In the case of a collision, the seatbelt pretensioner fire off, tightening the seat belt, removing any possible slack. This keeps the person firm in their seat so during the impact, there is minimal movement. However, when this happens the seat belt itself can stretch. There may be a case where the seat belt webbing stretches to the point that the drivers head hits the steering wheel. This is why it is suggested that you hold the wheel at the 10 & 2 o’clock position rather than the 11 & 1 o’clock position. In the 11 & 1 o’clock position, the drivers hands will be in the way if there head manages to hit the steering wheel. More damage can be caused if they are wearing rings or a watch.

After an accident, a seat belt can get stretched, ripped, or locked resulting in the driver needing seat belt repair. RepairMySRS is a post accident restoration company that can help with this and any other repairs you may need. RepairMySRS is trusted by thousands of customers. Simply select “Seat Belt Repair After Accident” service on their website and then ship your seat belt to their warehouse in Westfield, MA. They will repair your seat belt within 24 hours and can save you hundreds of dollars as compared to a dealer. While getting your seat belt repair, please do not forget to check the remainder of the Supplemental Restraint System to see if anything else needs repair or resetting. Visit to see what they can do for your seat belt repair after accident.


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