Seat Belt Repair After Accident

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Looking to get a seat belt repair after accident and don't want to go to the dealer because of the high prices, but also don't want to choose a company that ends up doing a quick fix and costing you more money in the long haul?  Looks like the company you are looking for is Repair My SRS!

Repair My SRS is a company that specializes in seat belt restoration and SRS airbag module resetting after an accident. Whereas other competing companies are only able to complete single stage seat belt repairs, Repair My SRS has got you covered in all domains--whether your seatbelt is single stage, dual stage, or even triple stage! The ability to reset airbag modules is also something that they hold above most other seat belt companies, and a service that they are happy to complete if you so need.  

The company operates with the customer's complete satisfaction in mind and their policies and work reflect it! Repair My SRS employs highly trained and experienced engineers and complete their services using 100% OEM parts and industry standard tools. The company takes pride in their quick 24 hour turnaround time and all their services are backed up with a lifetime warranty. Even though they are located in Westfield, MA, Repair My SRS services all states from the east coast to the west coast, and even offers its services overseas! Also, each of  their repairs are compatible with all  makes and models of vehicles, which really sets them apart from other seat belt companies. Furthermore, their prices are up to 80% cheaper than turning to a dealer or other company to get the job done. Only $64.99 is charged for a single stage seat belt repair, $99.99 for a dual stage repair, and $114.99 for a triple stage seat belt repair. 

Repair My SRS makes the process of getting a seat belt repair after accident quick and easy. Customers simply need to select the service and pre-pay for it online, box up and ship the seat belts that need repair, and wait for the company to do the rest. Repair My SRS receives the items, repairs them, and ships them back within 24 hours! It really is just as simple as it sounds! If you have been in an accident and find your seat belts needing to be repaired, don't hesitate any longer--Repair My SRS is there to help you. 

Repair My SRS
40 Main St.
Westfield, MA 01085

Interested or have questions? Call us at (885) 552-7233 Mon-Fri 9-8 EST or text at (413) 454-5570 anytime! You can always send us a message.

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