SRS Airbag Module Reset

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SRS Airbag Module Reset
Have you ever seen pictures of cars driving in the opposite direction in one-way lanes and wondered to yourself if these were true or just a product of Photoshop? Well it turns out that this really does happen, and it happens quite a bit! Just last month, 11 people were sent to a medical facility following a wrong-way driving related accident, in under a week!

Looking at the different cases when this has occurred, the majority have been a result of impairment—either drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, there are people who decide to use these substances and then make the foolish mistake of driving rather than staying home or calling an Uber. Not only will this be documented on their record, but also they are quite possibly endangering their lives as well as countless others on the road.

Typically, even under impairment, wrong-way drivers tend to stick to the right side of the road. The best advice that law enforcement is able to provide to drivers coming in contact with such crazy drivers is to attempt moving over to the right lane, flash your headlights, and honk your horn to get the attention of the impaired driver. Driving between 11:00 at night and 4:00 in the morning gives one a greater likelihood of encountering such drivers, so those on the road should be especially aware of their surroundings then.

If a wrong-facing driver collides into your vehicle, an SRS airbag module reset may be necessary. Rather than spending hundreds, or thousands of dollars at the dealer, you can get an SRS airbag module reset at Safety Restore for an affordable price. Following the company’s SRS airbag module reset, your unit will be restored to factory condition. It should be working like new again and all hard codes and crash data will be erased off of it.

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