Easy Ways to Fix a Stuck Seatbelt

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While driving, it is necessary to keep the seat belt in tip-top shape. Keeping the seat belt or SRS in good condition is a big deal. Why? It’s a big deal because the seat belt or SRS can very well prevent serious injuries, or even save your life in the event of a serious automobile accident.

So when your seatbelt is stuck, it's important to address the issue immediately. If you ride in a car without a seat belt, you're taking an unnecessary risk. So, do yourself a favor and stay safe by keeping your vehicle's safety system maintained and always in great working order!

Fixing a Stuck Seatbelt

Tip #1: Pull and Release the Seatbelt from the Auto-Lock

If your seat belt seems stuck, you should test if it is stuck in the auto-lock mode by pulling and releasing the seatbelt by hand. The auto-lock function is resumed when you remove your hand from the seatbelt. If the seatbelt is not stuck in auto-lock mode, then it is stuck in the seat belt reel.

Tip #2: Take Off the Seatbelt Mechanism's Plastic Coverings

After pulling and releasing the seatbelt by hand, you should check if it is stuck in the seat belt reel. To check, you need to remove the plastic covering at the bottom of the seatbelt mechanism.

To remove the plastic covering, you need to turn the lever to the rear and push the plastic cover upwards. After removing the plastic cover, check if the seatbelt is stuck in the seat belt reel. If it is, then you should proceed to the next tip. 

Tip #3: Completely Pull Out the Seatbelt

If your seatbelt is stuck in the seat belt reel, then you should pull the seatbelt out completely. Pulling out the seatbelt will disengage the reel. Afterward, you should pull the seatbelt upward. You should repeat this procedure until the seatbelt comes out completely.

 Tip #4: Properly Straighten the Seatbelt

After the seatbelt comes out completely, you should check if the seatbelt is properly straightened. If the seatbelt is found to be curved or twisted, then you should straighten it using your hands.

Tip #5: Release the Seatbelt to Let it Roll Back Smoothly in Place

After the seatbelt is properly straightened, you should release the seatbelt to allow it to roll back smoothly into place. Then, you should swing the lever to the front, and then pull the plastic cover back down. After that, test if the seatbelt is working properly.

The Bottom Line: The Importance of Keeping Your Seatbelt in Good, Functioning Condition

As mentioned earlier, keeping the seatbelt in good condition, or even replacing it with a brand new one, can very well be the difference between life and death in the event of an automobile accident.

Now, you already know how to fix a stuck seatbelt. But you may be asking yourself, "what if my seatbelt is stuck in the seatbelt reel, and I cannot fix it?" If so, then you should bring your car to the nearest auto repair shop to have your car's safety seatbelt checked and to repair it if possible.

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