Car Odometer Repair

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Car Odometer RepairThe driver is constantly looking at the vehicles cluster for information. It tells us how fast we are going, if we are running out of gas, and even tells us things like the temperature. The speedometer tells the driver how fast they are driving and the odometer tells them how far they have driven up to that point. Together, they help determine if any services are needed like getting the oil changed.

There are times when issues may arise with the vehicles cluster. This includes the speedometer or tachometer gauge getting stuck or not working properly. The oil gauge may also stop giving the correct reading. The gauges may get sticky or die over time. If you are experiencing any issues with your vehicles cluster, do not hesitate to get car odometer repair immediately by a professional.
Safety Restore is post accident repair company, helping thousands of people get back on the road safely. They offer car odometer repair as well as other repair and reset services for your vehicles Supplemental Restraint System. A dealer may unnecessarily charge you hundreds of dollars, but for only $118.99, Safety Restore will repair your cluster. They use 100% OEM parts and offer a satisfaction/lifetime guarantee. On top of all that, they can also save you time with their 24 hour turnaround.

To get started, visit Once you check out, ship in your item. Removing your cluster is easy. First, engage your emergency brake. Then remove the plastic trim surrounding the cluster. Tilting down the steering wheel, engage the shifter into 1st gear. Then pull out the trim and remove the 4x (7mm) screws holding the cluster. Pull the cluster out, and disconnect the wiring. You can use any carrier to ship the cluster to their repair shop. Once they receive it, their skilled engineers will repair all parts to meet FMVSS standards. You can rely on Safety Restore to get your odometer working properly, giving out all the correct readings. Allowing you to rely on your odometer once again to help keep you driving safely on the rod.

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