Wearing A Seat Belt When Driving

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Using a seat belt is a habit we all have when driving or riding in a car. It is almost like second nature for us now since it has been drilled into our minds since we first started learning how to drive to always use one. You would even fail a driving test if you didn’t use one. Did you know that beforehand, not everyone wore seatbelts, in fact, it was completely voluntary. It later became a law once the importance of seat belt use was more understood. Currently, all states, except for New Hampshire require everyone who is inside of a vehicle to wear a seat belt.

The vehicles supplemental restraint system helps determine what needs to occur when you are in an accident. If your car is in a collision, the SRS, using sensors determines that the seat belt needs to tighten and lock and the that the airbags need to deploy in order to minimize damage for the individual. Sometimes, if the accident is minor, only the seatbelts are engaged.  The SRS does not work properly if the seat belts are not used. This can result in an individual dying when in an accident. The chances of that occurring are 1 in 84 when not wearing a seat belt and 1 in 42 when wearing a seat belt.

The seat belt should always work correctly, otherwise it can not help you. It should retract and pull out smoothly and it should be able to lock when necessary. Keep an eye out for the dashboard for any lights that may indicate if there is an issue.  Seat belts can become worn, frayed, or even chewed by a dog as well.

If you need repair, do not rely on a seat belt webbing repair kit. If you are in need of any of these service or other services regarding your vehicles Supplemental Restraint System, reach out to a professional like RepairMySRS to make sure everything is done correctly and that it will meet all safety requirements.  They can help restoring, repairing, or resetting all parts of your vehicles Supplemental Restraint System.This is not a seat belt webbing repair kit. They handle all of the work for you meeting or exceeding the FMVSS standards. ! The services are backed by a lifetime warranty as well. Visit to get started.

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