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If you have a deployed seat belt after accident, Repair My SRS can repair it! Regardless of your make or model, we work on all seat belt types. So if your car has been in a minor crash, major accident or perhaps you work on salvage cars and bought it at a salvage auction - we can help you save money! Instead of buying a new seat belt or a replacement seatbelt at the dealer, you can mail in your deployed seat belt to us and we'll repair it in 24 hours! Repair My SRS is a seat belt repair company that has been in business for years and all we do is work on deployed seat belts after accident. This includes seat belt retractors, pretensioners and buckles. 

Deployed Seat Belt After Accident

Seat belts are designed to active during a crash. Equipped with a gas charge similar to the one found in the airbags, the crash sensors trigger a signal that runs through the SRS airbag module and sets off the seat belts. They immediately lock, securing the passenger wearing them. Once this occurs, any deployed seat belt will no longer work properly and definitely not in another accident. 

SRS Airbag Light Reset

One thing you'll notice immediately after a seat belt deployed, is your SRS airbag light on. This is because whenever there is a system fault related to the airbags, a code will be stored in your car's SRS computer. If your airbags deployed, you will have crash data stored. Once crash data is stored, no SRS OBD airbag computer, scanner or reader will be able to erase the codes. We offer an SRS Airbag Module Reset service to erase crash data hard codes after accident! For only $49.99, you'll get your SRS airbag module reprogrammed to like new condition! Save hundreds or thousands compared to buying a new airbag module.

Deployed Seat Belt Repair

Our deployed seat belt repair service is only $64.99 per seat belt to repair! We will fix any and all of the following issues: 

  • deployed seat belt
  • locked seat belt
  • blown seat belt pretensioner
  • seat belt retracting slowly
  • compressed seat belt buckle
  • seat belt stuck
  • jammed seat belt
  • airbag light on related to seat belt

We offer:

  • 24 Hour Turnaround
  • 100% OEM Parts
  • Lifetime Warranty

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