SRS Airbag Module Deployed

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SRS Airbag Module DeployedThe airbag module has the important job of determining what needs to occur when. Here are some examples of what the module would do in a certain situation. In the event a driver slams on the brakes quickly, the SRS Module determines that the seat belts need to lock putting the driver or passenger firmly into their seat but that the airbags do not need to deploy necessarily. However, in a major accident like a collision, it is likely that the SRS Airbag Module Deployed along with locking the seat belts are necessary in order to help protect the person in the seat.

When the SRS airbag module deployed, an airbag code will come up which may look different in various cars. This may be a diagram of a person with an airbag deployed or the text “air bag deactivated” or “airbag off”. In this situation you will need the Module Reset.

A dealer is likely to tell you that you need a new module; however, buying a new or used module can cost you hundreds. When a new module is installed inside your vehicle, used or new, it will need to be programed to the vehicles VIN which requires a dealer in order to happen. This can be a costly and time consuming replacement.

Instead, utilize your existing module and get your SRS Airbag Module Reset. Safety Restore is a company that specializes in post accident restoration. Safety Restore can save you time and hundreds of dollars with their $49 reset service. Their experts technicians use 100% OEM parts, and will get your module to meet or exceed the FMVSS standards. The process is fast and simple, regardless of your choice of using your existing airbag module or getting a new one. After checking out online, all you would need to do is send your module to their repair center in Westfield, MA. Once their technicians receive your module, Safety Restore can repair, reset, an/or program it and ship it back to you within 24 hours. Visit Safety to get started.

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