SRS Airbag Light On. How Do I Reset It?

Posted by Jason Miller on

"IT is good to see airbag lights up" -- said no one. Perhaps, if you are reading this article you were likely to have that problem. So what do I do with it?

Definitely, airbag light can't be on with no reason. It is the sign that something's malfunctioning. There can be minor codes like wire or communication issues. You can fix this, by addressing the fault. On-board diagnostics (OBD) scan tool can help you to have not realated to the crash soft codes to be erased. However, there can be cases, when your vehicle was in crash, which eventually resulted in deployed airbags and locked seat belts. In such cases, airbag module (SRS computer) gains hard codes (that is crash codes or crash data). Unfortunately, that is not something, that can be handled manually. Deal won't be helpful here too.

Don't be hurry to conclude that nothing can be done about it. There is good news! Our company provides affordable and quick SRS airbag module reset service! We will erase crash data and hard codes. These are things that on-board diagnostics and dealer can't do! Reprogramming SRS airbag control unit will be back in factory condition. Afterward, no dealer programming will be required after our reset. Here we go. One problem lesser.

Trust your safety to the leader. We guarantee our service for 100%. Or -- money back.

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