Seat Belts And SRS Airbag Modules. Common 4 Myths

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Seat Belts And SRS Airbag Modules. Common 4 Myths

Seat belts have saved lives of many. However, there are some opposers, who claim that seat belts prevent quick vehilce leaving in case of accident. Meet myth #1. Though, old seat belts could really prevent leaving the vehicle, modern-day seat belts can be released in one click.

Myth #2. Don't buckle if you drive slowly. During the frontal collision crush-test, when the vehicles moves with the speed 30 MPH, the average human weight grows up to approximately 10,000 lbs. Unbuckled driver breaks the windshield by head, and eventually chances of death goes to 9 out of 10 cases.

Myth #3. Passengers on the back seat don't need to buckle. Even if driver is buckled, he could be deathly injured by baby that moves during the collision toward the driver. Myth #4: there is no need in the seat belt, if there is an airbag. However, the airbag inflates with the speed that equals approximately to 200 MPH. Therefore, unbuckled driver gets an impact that equals to the hit of the heavyweight boxer.

The safety airbag is dangerous for people who are up to 5 feet tall. The point is - an airbag modules were developed for the adults. That is why the child safety seat should not be placed on the front seat. 

However, if you personally had gotten into an accident, you likely have your seat belt locked and your SRS airbag module will have crash data. We will be more than happy to help you to handle with it!

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