You Are On Your Rear Seat. To Buckle Or Not to Buckle? Part 1.

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Many adults teach their children to buckle up. However, that is something parents are missing out on habitually. They believe restraining on the back seat is optional. According to the data of one survey, 4 out of 5 adults are not securing themselves during a short trip, like when they ride a taxi or hire a vehicle. 

Revealed new information points to seat belt use misconception. Incorrect understanding regarding the safest place in the vehicle is the reason why it is believed buckling up is optional. In such a way, that wrong misperception concludes, the back seats are the safest. 

The reason for this belief is based on the facts that took place in the 1960s. At that time, the rear seats were the safest place in the car. However, with technological progress, safety systems have significantly improved. With time, rear and front seats became equally safe during the accident. 

According to the words of the senior research engineer of IIHS, the main principle of safety is still the same. Rear and front seats are equally safe, but only in the case of a person to be restrained. That concerns hired transport also. 

Comparatively, the reason why passengers aren't buckling up during the trip, haven't been studied that much as why front seat passenger and driver don't restrain themselves. The recent study provides more data that answers that question. 

The next article covers the result and conclusion of the survey. 

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