You Are On Your Rear Seat. To Buckle Or Not to Buckle? Part 2.

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To Buckle Or Not to Buckle?

The government and other establishments will loudly shout: to buckle! However, not all matters in the world are so black and white, -- you can reply. Nevertheless, what are there actual reasons to buckle up for during your trip? Let us go down more in-depth and see the actual status of that matter.


What Do People Say?

The previously mentioned survey has revealed some information regarding common opinion in society in this regard. Between June and August 2016, adults 18 and older have participated in the study. One hundred seventy-two surveyed have stated that they have been riding in the car's rear seat during the last half of the year. The number of who always use their seat belts on the back seat was 72 percent. Ninety-one percent said they still are using the seat belt on the front seat. That corresponds with the observation results in 2015: 75 percent used their rear seat belt and 89 percent for front-seat passengers and drivers. So, the majority say buckling up is quite essential. Is that another useless habit or something that can save your life?


Driving Unbuckled

During the accidents, each year nationwide die more than 500,000 people. During the crash, they were not buckled. Even statistics confirm: yeah, that is actually that black and white. 


Specialist of IIHS sums up that our decisions affect others heavily. An irresponsible attitude can actually hurt others. Therefore, neglecting plays a vital role in that. In fact, protection in a frontal crash is the primary mean of a seat belt during the frontal crash. Traveling unbuckled can lead to serious injuries. 


Buckle up and stay safe!


If you have been in an accident, perhaps seat belts have saved your life as well. However, after the accident, they need to be repaired. Click here to learn more.

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