SRS Airbag Module Reset After Accident

Posted by Artem Martynyuk on

SRS AIrbag Module Reset

If you have an SRS airbag module out of a vehicle that has been in an accident, you have a computer filled with crash data. The airbag controller is responsible for the airbags and seat belts in the car, communicating with the crash impact sensors. These SRS module are nothing to play around with and require experienced programmers for handling. When a car gets into an accident and the airbags deployed, crash data is written into this computer following the initiations of airbags and seat belts. The module will not work properly and your airbag light will stay on until the problem is addressed. This requires replacing or repairing the seat belts, replacing the airbags and replacing the impact sensors along with any other SRS components. For years, the only option our customers had was to purchase new SRS airbag modules at the dealer. Today, we are able to reprogram your existing SRS airbag modules back to factory condition, clearing all crash data and hard codes. Here at RepairMySRS, our programmers have extensive experience working with airbag modules that come from virtually all cars in the world. Every step is ensured that no factory programming is altered and the hardware meets or exceeds the manufacturer specifications. This means that you can send us your SRS module, we'll reprogram it and it will be like new again. No additional programming will be needed! To get started, follow the airbag module reset service link.

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